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Should You Sell A Property While It Has Tenants

3 Feb 2016 Burleigh 0 Comment

If you’re thinking about selling an investment property then you might be wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to keep your tenants in place.

In some cases it can be easier to sell a vacant property, but if you have good and reliable tenants then it might be a smarter move to keep them on.

Keeping your tenants in the property during the sale means that you’ll still have your rental income coming in, and if your tenants are clean and tidy, the property will likely present better than it would if it was empty.

Furthermore, some buyers may prefer to buy a property that already has tenants in place, so it depends on the type of property you own and what the target buyer group is likely to be.

However, if you have difficult tenants that you think might prove difficult in terms of keeping the property presentable, or allowing you access for inspections, you might consider giving them notice to leave when their lease is up.

Tenants are required to provide selling agents with “reasonable access” to a property, but they can sometimes be uncooperative and make it tricky for you to make appointments to show people through the property. If you can’t get people in to see the property when you need to, you could miss out on opportunities that could end up costing more than any missed rental income.

Most tenants are completely fine and are happy to help you in your sale, but if they have been difficult in the past, and you want a quick sale, then it might be easier to wait until their lease is up.

Every situation is different though, so to determine what is best to do it really is worth chatting to your property manager and selling agent to make the best decision based on your individual circumstances.

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