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The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

24 Nov 2015 Burleigh 0 Comment

It’s been a scorcher in many parts of Australia this past week, and with temperatures predicted to remain high throughout summer, homeowners are starting to question whether their homes can handle the heat.

Air-conditioning is the ultimate choice when it comes to home cooling, however it is also the most expensive.

For those who are looking for cheaper alternatives to air-conditioning, there are other home cooling options worth looking into, including:

Ceiling and wall insulation – Insulation can be beneficial all-year round. It keeps the heat inside in winter and blocks it out in summer. Even if you already have air-conditioning, insulation could be worth considering as it can help keep home cooling costs to a minimum.

Shades and awnings – A popular home addition that can help keep those harsh sun rays from getting into the house, and help spruce up your property’s exterior appearance too. It’s also worth planting extra trees around your home to provide extra shade.

Ceiling and portable fans – While fans will still increase your energy bill, they use far less power than a typical air-conditioning unit. Portable fans are also an excellent option for renters as they don’t need to be installed and you can take them with you when you leave.

If you’re still set on air-conditioning – Every home is different, but when temperatures reach 30°C plus, sometimes air-conditioning is the only way to keep cool. If you’re thinking about getting air-conditioning installed then make sure to get a few quotes and compare your options. Once you have air-conditioning, you can keep costs down by only turning it on when you really need it and by setting it to around 24 – 25°C.

Remember that while home-cooling systems may seem expensive, they can be a great investment in your home and are definitely a big drawcard for buyers at this time of year too.

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