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Suggestions for Finding the Right Agent

11 Nov 2015 Burleigh 0 Comment

If you are buying or selling your home or looking for investment property, you need the right kind of help and that means finding the right agent. You need a professional that is going to be able to meet your wants and needs.

You have a lot of decisions to make regarding your property needs and by using a good quality agent you will have someone to rely on that can help you make informed decisions.

Do your homework:
Just as you would do some research for choosing any other type of professional, use the same standards for picking a good agent. Take a look at their agencies and you should be able to easily do through their website.

Stay within your area:
Try to choose an agent within your area as they are most likely very familiar with the real estate in this region. They know what is up for sale in your area and can give you some good comparisons when it comes to pricing. They will also have a lot of additional information for example, how fast the homes are selling in your areas.

Check your agent out:
Plan on attending a few open houses, which your agent is holding. This way you get to see them in action. While attending the open house there are some observations that you can make.

  • You will be able to observe how they handle prospective clients.
  • You can judge how they present themselves, as to whether they are warm and friendly to those attending the open house.
  • Did they produce a good presentation by interacting and pointing out the features of the open house home?
  • Ask some questions, and see how well they were answered.
  • Wait to see if the agent followed up with you after your attendance.
  • How did you find the marketing and advertising aspects of the house you were visiting?

Does the agent make you feel at ease?:
It is very difficult to do business with an individual that you don’t feel comfortable with. You need to feel that you can communicate with the agent and that the agent is listening and interested in your wants and needs.

The agent’s performance record:
Take the time to check out the agent’s pass performance. Don’t be afraid to ask how many homes has he sold in the last little while, and how close they were to the asking price, and how long they were on the market for.
Do your own research as to what has sold in your area lately and who was the agent responsible for the sale. Go back over the last six months.

How much knowledge does the agent have?
You want an agent that is well informed regarding the housing market in your area. He should have enough knowledge to answer pertinent questions about the demographics and amenities that are located there. He should have a good idea as to what the potential buyers are like.
These few suggestions will better prepare you for choosing the right agent for your selling or buying of property.

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