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Home Security and the Weaknesses of Your Windows

7 Aug 2015 Burleigh 0 Comment

Most people are concerned about the security of their doors and rightly so. They go to great lengths to make sure they are secure. Focus is on the locks and should be on the strength of the framework. When it comes to the windows the security for them is a little more challenging. For this reason when entry through a door by a crook fails, they will most often turn to the windows to attempt entry.

Even before attempting a break-in the windows are often a source of information for the burglar to assess what valuables may be inside that would entice them to attempt a break-in. This can be frustrating for the home owner. Everyone enjoys having windows in their home so they can enjoy the light they let in as well as the views they provide.

There are some simple but important steps the homeowner can take to help prevent the possibility of a break in via the windows.

One of the most important steps is making sure that the beautiful landscaping of the home is not providing some excellent camouflage for the thief. If they are able to work on entering the window and are being kept out of sight by some tall bushes and shrubs then it is giving this intruder a lot more time to go about their business.

Some homeowners love the privacy that their fences give them, but once an intruder has scaled it, then it too gives them privacy while they are making a home entry.

Thieves are not always dumb and they do their research. They know if the home is older that most likely the locks on the windows are not in prime condition, or if there even are any.

Tenants want to know that they are going to be living in secure quarters, so making sure the widows are not jeopardising their security is a big feature.

When doing a renovation or a new build choosing the right windows with security in mind is a good decision. Double hung windows have some good security features about them. They are able to be locked with a key a bolt system.

For sliding windows the best choice is to make sure the lock bolt can be installed on the sash. This prevents the sash from being able to be lifted out of the frame.

If at present there are glass louvre windows in place that are old, considerations to replace them should be made. Most of these do not have locks and they break easily. If replacement is not an option then security bars would be the next best choice.

Sash bolts can be used for awning and casement windows. For the standard type windows a replacement lock such as lock winders can be installed for enhanced security.

As an added protection, make sure the blinds are closed when nobody is at home, so that there are no temptations for the “would be” thief.


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