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Brightening Up The Home for Winter Showings

10 Aug 2015 Burleigh 0 Comment

Each season brings its own challenges when trying to sell your house, but perhaps the winter is the most difficult of all. It can be really difficult to make your home present well during the cold dreary months.

You can start by really concentrating on your lighting. If you can create a warm atmosphere that potential home buyers can walk into out of the cold, then you have made an excellent first impression.  There are different types of lighting such as warm and cool, but for winter showings go with the warm. Ideally try to control the lighting with dimmers so you can make adjustments accordingly. Lamp lighting always creates a softer atmosphere. You may want to think about lighting a candle or two and choose a lightly scented one to create an even greater ambience.

Capitalise on the benefits of a few small but important items. These are things like throws and pillows and layered rugs. Meaning a smaller rug layered upon a larger one. These few items create a coziness that many home buyers find appealing and can relate to. Make sure to choose bright colors for these items as this in itself with brighten up the room and make it feel cheery. Don’t just reserve these items just for the living room. Use them in the bedrooms as well.

If you are finding that your furniture has gotten drab, then it will seem to look even worse during the winter months. If you are really intent on selling your home during these cold months then you may have to put forth some extra efforts. Renting some furniture is not a bad idea while waiting to sell. It can make a dramatic difference to your home showings. It also allows you to choose the perfect furniture for the room it will be going in. Chances are the furniture you have now may be a mix and match, and by renting you can create a balanced look to the room.

Don’t under estimate what some art can do for the various rooms too. You may want to swap out your winter scenes for some beautiful spring summer ones. This is a great trick to use if your walls are a little plain in color, and you don’t want to go to all the work of painting them.

Spruce up the exterior of the home focusing on adding the right components to your winter garden. It will create a pleasing atmosphere as soon as the potential buyers step onto your property.

Finally don’t forget about putting some flower bouquets about the house. This shouldn’t only be reserved for the spring or summer. They automatically send a visual message to your home buying guests that says welcome.

If you look about your home and something appears dreary to you, then it is going to appear the same to others, so you need to attend to this.

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