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Getting Your Bathroom Inspection Ready for the Open Home

22 Jul 2015 Burleigh 0 Comment

One of the most important rooms that potential home buyers pay attention to is the bathroom. This is an area that you want to focus on so that it presents well during the home inspection.

It is also the room that probably draws most of your attention when it comes to thorough cleaning. It seems no matter how hard you work at this that there is always some mould or debris been stuck in the dark corners that require attention. These are the areas that you really want to focus on when getting ready for your home inspection. It can be hard to know which cleaners to use. You want to source out one that is particularly focused on these types of problems. Ideally you want it to be environmentally friendly as well. It should not only do an effective job of removing the mould and built up debris, but leave a nice clean fresh odour.

Check out the water pressure

Home buyers are really insistent on having a good water pressure throughout the home and especially so when they want to have a shower. This may be a problem that you have been facing with your home but it might be easily rectified. It may just mean taking the head of the shower off and soaking it in some vinegar and water. If this doesn’t do the trick then it is worth bringing in a plumber to check the water system to make sure that your pipes are flowing correctly, and to see if they can boost the water pressure.

The fixtures

Don’t forget while going through your cleaning regime to get your bathroom ready for the inspection to give the added touches of by polishing up the fixtures. Even if they are older by giving them a good polish, it will enhance them.

By impressing your potential homeowners with an impressive looking bathroom it is going to set the scene for them to have a more positive outlook on the rest of the home.

You want the décor of your bathroom to be calm and relaxing. Using light neutral tones and just enhancing with some small décor can create the ideal look for this room.


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